Physiotherapists promote good health by encouraging their patients to improve and increase control over their own lives through appropriate exercise prescription.

Sports Injury

In recent years, increasing numbers of people of all ages have been heeding their health professionals’ advice to get active for all of the health benefits exercise has to offer. Sports physiotherapy deals with injuries and issues related to athletes and those involved in sports including people of all ages and at all levels of competition. Many sports injuries can be prevented if people take the proper precautions.

Post-operative Rehabilitation

Post-surgery rehabilitation is designed to assist in the restoration of bodily functions to pre-injury and pre-op status. This is extremely important in maximizing the benefits of the surgery. The rehabilitation program is tailored individually so that strength, flexibility and function are restored in the shortest possible time. We are familiar with the treatment protocols prescribed by most orthopaedic surgeons. We will be happy to liaise with your surgeon to determine any specific requirements based on your individual surgery.

Home Physiotherapy

Usually for the elderly with chronic illness (stroke, Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions) or recovering from surgery. We will assess the home environment and suggest modifications to adapt to the patient’s needs. Emphasis is made to instruct the caregiver/maid at home to continue with maintenance therapy.

Our physiotherapy treatments include the use of :

  • Manual therapy – mobilisation, manipulation, myofascial release, massage.
  • Therapeutic exercise, posture correction, gait assessment/training, ergonomic evaluation.
  • Electrotherapy – shortwave diathermy, ultrasonic, interferential current, electrical stimulation, soft laser, electromagnetic therapy.
  • Cervical, lumbar traction.
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