Yes, an appointment is necessary to ensure that you will be properly attended to punctually. Appointments can be secured within 2 days and within the day for urgent cases.

Please bring your prescribed medication (if any), relevant medical records and lab test reports, X-rays, CT Scans or MRI’s. A detailed subjective and objective examination will be done to determine the state of your condition. Treatment options will be presented and discussed. Following treatment, a personalised home management program will usually be provided.

A treatment session typically lasts about an hour, and slightly longer for the initial consultation.

No, a medical referral is not needed. However many patients are referred by their family physicians and/or other specialists.
This can only be answered after a detailed assessment by the physiotherapist. In the majority of cases we can help, however, if we do not think we can help, we will inform you and if necessary refer you to your GP or the most appropriate health care professional.

You should wear loose comfortable clothes that allow easy access and visibility of the area to be treated. Alternatively, you can bring along a change of T’s and shorts (if you are in your working attire) to facilitate proper examination and treatment.

Because we believe in getting patients well in the shortest period of time, we do not offer packages.

The clinic is open Mon-Fri between 8.30am – 5.30pm and on Sat 8.30am – 1pm. If you require early morning or appointments outside these times, they can be arranged.

We prefer to accept cash, cheque, or ‘Pay Now’.

 Yes, we provide home and hotel calls.

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